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The Wilms Cancer Foundation (WCF), is a charitable organization, inspired by 9-year-old cancer fighter William Hodgkinson, to support and represent the needs of children, families and health care organizations affected by the childhood kidney cancer ‘Wilms’.


To establish a national program of awareness, education, advocacy, early detection and treatment to tackle the spread of childhood kidney cancer 'Wilms'. We also seek to support children, families and organizations as they tackle cancer, through initiatives such as our ‘Dream-Making’ program, in order to lighten the emotional and financial burden they face.

Wilms Cancer Foundation: Advocacy, Early Detection, Education, Fundraising, Grants, Treatment, Suppo
By the Numbers

Wilms' tumor is a kidney cancer that primarily affects children. Also known as nephroblastoma, it's the most common cancer of the kidneys in children and the 4th most common childhood cancer overall. Wilms' tumor most often affects children ages 3-4 but can also affect children in their teens and sometimes adults.

It is sometimes associated with abnormalities of the urinary tracts or other birth defects. Some cases are related to defects in one of two genes referred to as Wilms' tumor 1 (WT1) or Wilms' tumor 2 (WT2). Symptoms can include abdominal pain, swelling, and blood in the urine. 

Wilms Tumor

(Medical Term: Nephroblastoma)

Wilms' tumor is named after Max Wilms, the German surgeon (1867–1918) who first described it.

childhood kidney cancer (1)




most common childhood cancer (2)


of all childhood cancers are Wilms (3)


of all childhood kidney cancers are Wilms (4)


children are at risk from Wilms (5)


new cases of Wilms in North America per yr. (6)


diagnosed with Wilms after it has spread (7)


children suffer Wilms in North America per yr. (8)


children suffer Wilms worldwide per yr. (9)


low survival rate of 'diffuse anaplastic' Wilms (10)


cost of early detection of Wilms (one-time) (11)


cost of late detection Wilms treatment (per yr.) (12)


more per day to treat children with cancer (13)


medical bankruptcies due to childhood illness (14) 

Note: Figures presented based on mean averages.

Wilms Cancer Foundation: Advocacy, Early Detection, Education, Fundraising, Grants, Treatment, Support

William would like to personally thank the following organizations for their previous and current support:

Wilms Cancer Foundation

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