Williams' Mission


The Wilms Foundation of North America wants to ensure that something practical comes from Williams' difficult fight.


Our objective is to establish a national program of awareness, education, advocacy, early detection and treatment of childhood cancer (most notably 'Wilms').

We also seek to support families and children, like William himself, as they tackle cancer. Through our Dream-Making program we aim to lighten the financial burden faced by families throughout North America and generate something positive in what is a terrifying situation.



  • To raise awareness of Wilms tumour 

  • To be a voice for children with cancer

  • To support Wilms tumour research

  • Campaigning to raise awareness of Wilms tumour and childhood cancer

  • Being an international voice for children with cancer, promoting change, innovation and prioritising new drug development

  • Supporting families of children with Wilms tumour throughout North America with a website, social media support groups and information booklets.

William would like to personally thank the following organizations for there previous and current support:

Wilms Cancer Foundation of North America.

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